Spring 2018 class schedule


fit house-vinyasa, 60min

Monday: 9am


THursday: 9am & 12:30 pm

The perfect mix of an energizing and relaxing flow. This music-based vinyasa practice will enable you to find your breath and focus your mind.


y7 Studio- 60min, hip hop yoga

Monday: 4:30 & 5:45pm - Bryant Park

Wednesday: 7 & 8:15am - Union Square

We will peel back the layers through a smart and safe yoga sequence, carefully choreographed to music that ranges from Cardi B to A Tribe Called Quest. 


warrior Bridge-90min, Flexibility 

Friday: 10:30am

Class will begin with a dynamic warm up, then work into splits, backbends, forward folds and hip opening. Techniques will draw from yoga, acrobatics and dance.


Circuit of change- 50min, mind body bootcamp

Saturday: 4pm

This sweat-producing full body workout fuses yoga, martial arts, kickboxing, tribal sequencing, with high intensity intervals for the ultimate mindbody experience. You will explore new ways of moving the body, opening the mind, and connect with positive vibes.